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Welcome to the Carolina Theatre Preservation Society

Since 1997, we have had one mission in life...to save and restore the Carolina Theatre back to its former glory of the twenties and thirties. We have had lots of ups and downs along the way to where we are now, but beginning in 2014, The Foundation of the Carolinas, Charlotte Center Partners and others are embarking on an ambitious project to revitalize the North Tryon corridor which will include the rebuilding of the Carolina Theatre. Our non-profit organization is included with this effort and we intend to do our best to see the project succeed. Our goal is to work with the other organizations and lend our expertise to make this theatre something that all the people in Charlotte will be proud of. We envision that some day soon, you will be walking into the theatre and you STOP...your breath is taken away at the beauty of the theatre….the plaster work, the period furniture, the chandeliers, the theatre organ... All of the sudden...you are back to March, 1927!

Our job is to assist the Foundation in raising funds to restore the original charm of the theatre... sparkling chandeliers, ornamental plaster work, intricate stenciling, atmospheric murals, vintage furniture, revived theatre organ... all the elements that once made the Carolina Theatre an enchanting place.

When the restoration process is complete that is until all broken screws are replaced so that you will be transported back to 1927, the age of Flappers and Vaudeville.

Over the next several years we will be working with the Foundation and other groups to bring this dazzling gem of Charlotte history back to life. Please join us in this great effort.