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History of Our Organization

The Carolina Theatre Preservation Society was formed by Charlie Clayton in January 1997. Actually, Charlie and a number of other Carolina Theatre boosters had been meeting monthly since 1995. A $50,000 grant from the State of North Carolina in 1997 was the catalyst for getting the 501 (c) (3) non-profit status. Senator Fountain Odom was largely responsible for securing the state grant. The society has performed numerous tasks over the last 10 years:

• Raised money from numerous sources including L&P Electric Co, Helen Adams Realty Co, Arts & Science Council, State of NC, RiRa’s, Brownlee Jewelry Co., Adams Outdoor Co., Gaines Brown Design Co., Gold Standard Chorus, Light Bulbs Unlimited, Reliable Music, Parker Foundation, plus numerous individuals.

• Raised money for basic power and lights

• Installed a fire alarm system

• Raised funds for a neon sign.

• Created a video promoting the theatre

• Sponsored several film series

• Installed professional sound system

• Conducted numerous tours of theatre

• Became members of The League of Historic American Theatres

• Visited over 20 other historic theatres

• Produced documents including preliminary recommendations for the restoration of the CT

• Lobbied the Keith Corporation to drop its option to purchase the Carolina

• Actively participated in the Carolina Theatre Task Force

• Assisted many new groups in using the theatre such as The Moving Poets and Chickspeare

• Presented the Carolina Theatre story to many civic organizations

• Sponsored art exhibit by local architects

• Worked with UNC-Charlotte Architecture Dept to come up with innovative ideas re the front lobby area

• Actively sought developer to partner with to develop the theatre property.

• Signed agreements with Ark Management and Camden Management to rebuild the theatre

• Created partnership with Historic Charlotte