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Historical Timeline

The following is a time line of major events in the theatre.

Mar 7 1927 Theatre opens to public. A Kiss in a Taxi is first movie shown

Mar 20 1932 The Charlotte Symphony gives its debut performance

Jan 29, 1940 Gone With The Wind premiers at theater

Mar,7 1943 Ethyl Barrymore performs on stage in The Corn is Green

Oct 29 1953 New 40 ft Cinemascope screen installed

Feb 10, 1956 Elvis performs on stage

Dec 22, 1961 This is Cinerma opens after a two-week renovation that drastically alters theatre

Mar 31, 1965 The Sound of Music starts its record breaking 79-week run.

Nov 27,1978 Theatre closes after showing The Fist of Fury starring Bruce Lee

Nov 13, 1980 Vagrants start a fire in the stage area but the fire curtain works and saves the theatre.

Sept 1982 The theatre is placed on the Local Historic Register

May 1987 City Fair project announce with a renovated Carolina Theatre as the anchor The theatre is envisioned as a multi-use facility with meeting space and conferences during the day.

Oct 1988 City Fair opens but work is halted due to escalating cost. City Fair has already gutted the building, removing almost all the decorative and ornate objects from the theatre. The stage area is rebuilt to accommodate the planned seating area for the restaurant. Carley Capital Co who owns City Fair talks city into de-listing theatre from local historic register. The steel beams that were needed for the restaurant would not fit through the old lobby so it had to be torn down.

September 1989 Metrolina Theatre Organ Society is formed
to help create interest in the theatre.

October 1992 The original façade is cleaned up by Mark Huffstetler.

April 1995 The public is invited for tours at Springfest. Over 4000
people tour the theatre.

August 1996 A film series shows 8 classic films.

August 30 1996 A “Phantom of The Opera” gala is held at the Theatre. Mary Tribble creates an award winning space for the event.

December 31, 1996 First live performance in 30 years is given by Scott Foppiano on a Rodgers Theatre organ.

Jan 1997 CTPS Formed by Charlie Clayton with $50,000 grant from the state of NC

Oct 2005 Camden & CTPS start negotiations with the City of Charlotte to build a condo dev and restore the theatre.

Jun 2006 Camden Mgt, Ark Mgt, City of Charlotte and CTPS reach agreement to go forward with the proposed condo project.

Sept 2007 Camden has partnered with Jim Donnelly of Charlotte and announced the Encore Carolina Condo project. Doug Smith of the Observer writes “The Next Big Thing” article about the project.

Apr 2013 Foundation of The Carolinas purchases the Carolina Theatre for $1.00 from the City of Charlotte. Their plans are to renovate the theatre.